Why Go on a Great White Shark Volunteering Adventure in South Africa?

Great White Shark VGreat White Shark V
Great White Shark VGreat White Shark V


Kleinbaai as a popular tourist destination has many exciting activity options for visitors to this beautiful town.

Activities range from thrilling to the more sedate depending on what you seek.

When in doubt always contact the local tourism office who will be more than happy to help with recommendations to suit your needs.

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Why Go on a Great White Shark Volunteering Adventure in South Africa?

Volunteer vacations is an alternative to your traditional vacation packages. It's all about giving something back to the community, but more specifically working with different conservation organizations to assist with conservation of great white sharks in South Africa.

Since volunteering offers a challenging and rewarding personal experience the number of volunteers that comes to South Africa increases tremendously from year to year.

Shark, Whale, Dolphin and Seal Conservation

This volunteer holiday package offers the unique opportunity for volunteers to engage in the important research and conservation of great white sharks in Cape Town, South Africa. You'll also have the unforgettable experience to see whales, dolphins, seals and penguins, as well as many species of rare pelagic birds that reside close to the shore.

If you are adventurous and love the outdoor lifestyle then this is the perfect volunteer vacation for you to have the most incredible once in a lifetime experience, as you get up close and personal with these infamous creatures!

Shark populations worldwide are increasingly threatened, and in scientific circles there is still research needed to fully understand and interpret shark behaviour.

It is only by getting to know these complex creatures more intimately, that we will understand the impact of their current continuing decline. Therefore the programme is particularly suited to those who are willing to take up a challenge and play a pivotal role in observing and promoting these graceful and majestic creatures.

The programme will enable you to see sharks in their natural environment, either from a boat or from a cage. You will learn about coastal eco systems in the region, and about what work is going on to help preserve them. Each link of the chain needs to be supported in order to ensure ocean sustainability. Because of this you will have a wide variety of tasks and activities to participate.


Kleinbaai, a small harbour town, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa. This area is known as the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. Gansbaai is 160 km from Cape Town.


As a volunteer you will be part of the shark team. This project gives you a unique opportunity to view this magnificent animal in its natural environment. This will either be by boat or even more excitingly in an underwater cage.

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